Time will always move forward, it’s value is determined by you.
— Jake

Personal Training 

Personal training offers so many benefits to you. 

Time is one of the few things that no one has control over. It is consistent, unmovable, and unstoppable. However what you do in that time is what matters. When training it is essential that you remember this. 

Do not waste your time.

Results do not happen over night, they take time and consistency. 

With me as your personal trainer you gain effective training sessions that are tailored to your body.

Motivational support to remind you that you are a badass, and that you got this!

A professional who will educate you how to live a new lifestyle. And enjoy it!

They are no losses in changing your life for the better. 

So in short I offer:

  • Effective Training Sessions 
  • Nutritional Planing 
  • New Lifestyle Education
  • A Better Understanding of Your Body 
  • Motivational Support 

Gymnastic-Strength TRaining 

Gymnastic-Strength Training is designed to achieve high levels of strength, yet weigh little. Think of it as strength-training being optimized. At the end of the day, the goals of training falls into three categories-

  • Looking Lean
  • Having Greater Endurance 
  • A Higher Level of Strength

This is what gymnastic-strength training accomplishes with ease.  

Unlike strength-training where you train until failure (meaning until your so fatigued you can't do anymore), gymnastic-strength training takes the opposite approach. Where you have a goal, and slowly progress to it. 

Let me put it in English.

For example, a fast car does not make a fast driver. Let's say we are on a race track, and we give a Lamborghini to a kid who literally just got their license from the DMV. 

How well do you think he would perform on the race track?

Not well. At all.

He would be spinning off the track. Not knowing when to brake, or when to accelerate. Even when to turn! Using too much power, or too little. In the end greatly ruining his lap time! 

The right approach, like gymnastic-strength training, would have him start racing with a Toyota Corolla. Once when he masters that then we move to the Mazda Miata, then the Mustang, and keep up this process until we reach the Lamborghini. Therefore, when he gets there he can make a blistering lap-time on the track using the maximum performance of the vehicle. 

This results in not only a good lap time, but an incredible, confident, and adaptable racing driver. 

This is what gymnastic-strength training focuses on- mastery. 

Mastery allows you to perform better, have long lasting endurance, all while retaining a leaner body frame.

Check-out the highlights of my training down below.


Gymnastic-Strength training develops strength much like a swimmer athlete. All muscles are engaged continuously at the same time, resulting in a lean body frame with high amount of strength capabilities.

Higher Self-Esteem  

You should feel comfortable in your own skin. Living an active lifestyle will leave you feeling, and looking, amazing inside and out. Your goals are achievable. You are what you settle for, don't quit.  


Increased flexibility decreases the chance of potential injuries. It also adds greater strength to posture, less strained muscles, and allows greater delivery of body nutrients. 

Mikey Likes Fit-185.jpg

Injury Prevention & Rehab

With the highlights of strength, flexibility, and endurance, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. We do what your body can do and go from there. 


Long lasting endurance is much more valuable than a few seconds of exploding strength. Endurance allows your body to have better muscle tones, and have better overall performance in and out of the gym.

Mikey Likes Fit-223.jpg

Quality of Life 

Working out creates endorphins that will naturally make you feel happy and will fight against the stresses of life. It also assists with hormone balance within the body. They are countless benefits for living an active lifestyle. Looking amazing is just the start. 

You have control of your body. You have the right to be happy, create a life that you want. Your only limit is you.
— Mark Twain

Mikey Cunanan is a personal trainer located at Underground Fitness in Gilbert, Arizona. He is a personal trainer that develops an excellent energetic atmosphere that welcomes all clients with support, regardless of their fitness level. May it be in personal training sessions, or in small group classes, Mikey is an expert trainer who strives to bring out the best in people.  With over 6 years of experience in the fitness world, he is far from your typical 24-Hour Fitness trainer. His well-rounded education ranges from being a ISSA Elite Trainer to a Gymnasticbodies Athlete with Precision Nutrition Level Coaching. All in all, he is the perfect trainer for those with the desire to change there lives for the better without the intimidating nature of typical trainers. 

Take charge. Get Fit.